Playground (15)

Monday 11 Jul

Maverick Mondays

The Riverside joined the Film Hub South East Programming Group at the end of 2019 and started its new series of films entitled “Maverick Mondays” under this banner from February 2020.

We all want to see big audiences for a wider range of cinema – British independents, foreign language films, documentaries, archive films, artists’ cinema and more – but the fact is that growing audiences for these kind of films is a long-term audience development project, not something that happens overnight. When budgets are tight, it’s hard to prioritise the long term and also hard to make the right decisions for our audience.

That’s where Film Hub South East’s Programming Group comes in. They want to build a committed group of cinemas aiming to grow audiences for cultural cinema. This is designed to help cinemas develop audiences in their region for a broader range of films than what they currently show. To help us grow these audiences, they will help subsidise our costs on the titles that we screen - one per month.

What’s On

Playground (15)

Monday 11 Jul

Eric Ravilious - Drawn to War (PG)

Monday 15 Aug

Nitram (15)

Monday 19 Sep

Wings of Desire (12A)

Monday 10 Oct

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