The Job of Songs

Travellers from all over the world gather in the village of Doolin, County Clare, hoping to connect with their Irish heritage through traditional Irish music. But things are changing: facing rapid modernisation at the hands of tourism, confronting depression and mental health issues, and grappling with a history of colonisation and oppression, the people of Doolin turn to music to find solace. Musicians share the rich history of place and their love of the musical traditions. Together with their listeners they find community through the strumming of a guitar, the beating of a bodhran, and the sharing of a song. US director Lila Schmitz explores how music can be a liberating force, unleashing emotions and articulating unspoken words.

With reflections and music from Luka Bloom, Katie Theasby, Christy McNamara, Anne Rynne, Christy Barry and others.

Programme Type: Film

Strand Type: Monthly Music Mondays

Director: Lila Schmitz

Cast: Luka Bloom, Katie Theasby, Christy McNamara

Certificate: 12A

Running Time: 73 minutes

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