The Wizard of Oz

One of the most enduringly enjoyable family musicals, The Wizard of Oz has enthralled generations of filmgoers. It remains the perfect cinema treat – a must for children & the young at heart.

The Wizard of Oz sees young Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) longing to escape black-and-white drudgery on a Kansas farm, for a life 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'. During a dramatic tornado her wish comes true as she and her dog Toto are carried off into the sky and they land in Oz, where life is Technicolor bedazzlement. In a bid to return home, Dorothy gathers some new friends, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion, to help her fend off the Wicked Witch, reach the Emerald City and meet the wonderful but never-before-seen Wizard of Oz. The film resonates with valuable lessons of friendship, courage and perseverance.

Programme Type: Film

Strand Type: Six for Christmas

Director: Victor Fleming

Cast: Judy Garland, Jack Haley, Margaret Hamilton, Bert Lahr

Certificate: U

Running Time: 102 minutes

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Sunday 17 Dec


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