Van Gogh: Poets & Lovers

200 years after its opening and a century after acquiring its first Van Gogh works, the National Gallery is hosting the UK’s biggest ever Van Gogh exhibition. Van Gogh is not only one of the most beloved artists of all time, but perhaps the most misunderstood.

This film is a chance to reexamine and better understand this iconic artist. Focusing on his unique creative process, Van Gogh: Poets & Lovers explores the artist’s years in the south of France, where he revolutionised his style.

Van Gogh became consumed with a passion for storytelling in his art, turning the world around him into vibrant, idealised spaces and symbolic characters.

Poets and lovers filled his imagination; everything he did in the south of France served this new obsession. In part, this is what caused his notorious breakdown, but it didn’t hold back his creativity as he created masterpiece after masterpiece. Explore one of art history’s most pivotal periods in this once-in-a- century show.

Made in close collaboration with the National Gallery.

We are delighted that founder of Exhibition on Screen, Phil Grabsky, will be joining us and the composer of the score for the film for a Q&A after the film.

Programme Type: Live or Recorded Broadcast

Director: David Bickerstaff

Certificate: U

Running Time: 90 minutes

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Sunday 10 Nov


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