Eternal Sunshine Spotless Mind (15)

Saturday 27 Jan

Young Film Programmers

Are you aged 16-25 with a keen interest in film? Do you want to programme, market and promote screenings at The Riverside?

The Riverside is part of Film Hub South East and is looking for more young people in the region to both go to the cinema and engage with cinemas as creative practitioners.

A Young Film Programmer’s Group is a facilitated group of 16-25 year olds who meet on a regular basis to increase their knowledge of independent film and to programme, plan, market and present regular screenings, sharing their voice with a wider audience, in an independent cinema setting.

Young Film Programmer’s Groups give young people a stake in venues and help to increase younger audiences of their peers, who may otherwise be generally disengaged from non-mainstream cinema.

The Riverside will work with young people to help them run screenings and associated events in their cinema, empowering them to conceptualise and develop activities, curate and market film programmes and deliver and evaluate events.

This strategy has been developed in response to the British Film Institute's current five-year plan (BFI2022), which focuses on the future of film in the UK and emphasises the importance of engaging 16-25 year olds with independent cinema to build the audience of the future, as well as future participants in the industry.

If you are interested in joining or helping facilitate a Young Programmers Group for The Riverside then please get in touch on

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Eternal Sunshine Spotless Mind (15)

Saturday 27 Jan

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